Weight Loss Myths


This is just a small sample of Myths that exist about weight loss.

No… drinking spoonfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar won’t melt your belly, but….

It does have health benefits for your body. It is said to help cleanse toxins and aid digestion and many other benefits but sadly it does not melt fat. Also, if any food on this planet really did burn fat, we would all know about it already and be thin. I don’t care what “secret” some book or advertisement tells you, There are no fat burning foods or food combinations that burn fat. The only things that have any merit at all to this are hot peppers & ice water. Both will increase your metabolism temporarily.

You should not eat after such & such time each day…

A person eating naturally eats when they are hungry. The stomach is what decides this and unfortunately, the tummy does not own a watch. You are much better off to eat when you experience real hunger no matter what time it is, but for reasons of comfort, those that have digestive issues should keep it light if bedtime is near.

Your fat burning power does not go off the clock the second you fall asleep. Weight loss and fat burning are a timeless cycle. What you do during the day resolves in your body while you sleep. This includes weight gains or losses.

You can’t lose weight without exercise…

Yes you can, but you will not look nearly as good and it will take you much longer. Also, you will have lots of saggy skin and will not get the health benefits that people who work their butts off earn.

Stretch marks?

Yeah, they are here to stay. Don’t get me wrong, they will shrink and fade but they never go away. It is always a good idea to use a good lotion on them. I prefer Palmer’s after my doctor recommended it when I was pregnant, and I recommend it highly.

Low Carb Plans Are Best

No, they are not.No plan that restricts your foods to or away from a whole food group is not going to work in the end. You need to keep balance and not do anything to restrict yourself. Most people who have a successful weight loss have not went the low carb route. Some people who are struggling sometimes add carbs to boost their loss because not enough can throw you off course.

You have to sweat for your Activity routine to be effective

Nope. Not true.

There are many low impact activities that can help you lose weight that are just as effective as sweat pouring workouts. A slow stroll around that block every evening will help you lose weight more effectively than a nightmare, sweat pouring running session. Checkout my article on The Lazy Way To Work Out.

A Cleanse is good for weight loss

I recently asked a good friend about her recent cleanse since her husband works for a company that sells them I figured she was the person to ask. She did not have a good experience and admitted that she had lasting effects long after it was over and actually pooped her pants– at work. She was not recommending I try it.

Then I did the research on it. Days of research and found more of the same. While some people do love the experience and say it leaves them feeling great, it will not help you lose weight.

It will leave you feeling lighter and may cause you to drop a few pounds but only because you have nothing left in your digestive system. As soon as you eat your next bite you start refilling. It is no different than getting the “screaming squirts” from food poisoning!

Snacking will cause weight gain

It is actually quite the opposite. People who snack all day are usually eating less calories overall because the quick bites they have throughout the day keep hunger in check and you will eat much less at meals.

Also, this steady stream of nutrients will keep your metabolism and digestive system on track and running smooth. Just be sure to keep your intake light and keep a close eye on portions and calories!

You cannot eat Fast Food if you want to lose weight.

Yes you can. You just have to be smarter about it. If you have a choice between a cheeseburger or a double cheeseburger which will you choose? Or how about the choice between an Ice Tea and a Strawberry Milkshake?

While fast food is generally not considered healthy, you can make it healthier. It is all about making smarter choices. If you normally have an extra large meal, a kiddie meal is a better choice.

You cannot expect to avoid restaurants for the rest of your life so anything that does not allow them for the plan will not work in the long run. Do try to limit fast foods but there is no logical reason to avoid it all together.

Weight Loss Surgery is the Easy Way Out

No, not by a long shot. People who have weight loss surgery will have a much more strict regimen than those of us who do not. Limitations are placed on everything and it is considered permanent.

People who opt for the surgery will have to take counseling to see if they are a good candidate for the operation because not just anyone has the strength and dedication to follow the rules of life the must be followed post op.

While I can never recommend the operation,my hat is off to anyone who can do it. It just shows the inner strength that they had within them all along.

Foods labeled Low-Fat are healthy choices

Not always and this is why you should be familiar with the labels of any foods that you eat. Just because something is low in fat does not mean that it is low in calories. I know more than one person who has gained weight by sticking to a 100% low fat diet and been very confused. many times these low fat foods are full of sugars disguised by different names. And don’t forget, not all fats are bad fats!

Artificial Sweeteners are better for you 

This is why diet cola gets a bad rap. The artificial sweeteners will confuse the body into actually retaining fat which is why you should avoid the fake stuff and stick with real sugar.

Regular sugar is a natural product, as are some other sweeteners, but when you stick with the foods that nature intended you to have, you will always get much better results.

When you lose weight your fat cells dissolve

Nope. they just shrink. the average adult has approximately 50,000 fat cells at any given time. These fat cells can swell up as large as they need to or shrink to nearly nothing. They do die off and replace themselves, something like the concept of hair regrowth.

When you get liposuction, the fat cells are surgically removed and they do not grow back, but the remaining cells can expand you back to the same size as you were before the procedure.

Spot Reduction

That flabby belly need to go? Well sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Think of your fat layers as sheets of paper in a stack. When you want to make the middle of the stack thinner, you have to remove the entire sheet, not just the middle so therefore, there is no way to make the middle thinner without making the entire pile thinner.

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